Lithium contact app

Lithium contact is a simple contact form allowing users of your website to easily contact you via email.

Quick start guide

To get started using the contact app, follow these steps:

  1. Install the blog app by adding '' to INSTALLED_APPS.

  2. Add the contact app’s URLs to your project’s

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
            url(r'^contact/', include('')),
  3. Add your email address to the MANAGERS section of

    MANAGERS = (
            ('Kyle Fuller', ''),

Using your own templates


This template is used to render the email before it is sent. The template context will contain the following:

  • sender: The sender’s email address.
  • subject: The sender’s subject.
  • message: The sender’s message.
  • recipients: This is a list of who the email is being sent to.


This template gets passed a django.forms.Form via the context form. This template should render the form, and display any validation errors if there were any.

Rendering a custom form

A complete form might look like:

<form action="{% url contact_form %}" method="post">
    {{ form.as_p }}
    <input type="submit" value="Submit" />


This template shows a confirmation to the user that there message has been sent.