Quick install guide

First you will need a working Django installation, then you can follow one of the many steps below to install lithium.

Once you have installed Lithium, look at the documentation for any Lithium applications on how to add it to your Django project. You must also create a base template (base.html).


Lithium does not require django.contrib.admin, but it is recommended that it is installed, most of the Lithium apps can be controlled via django.contrib.admin

Directly from the git repository

This is the preferred way to install Lithium, but it does require the git source code repository system to be installed on your computer, although this is the preferred way, if you do not already have git. It will be easier to install via the other options. Some of the commands used in this are only available on UNIX-alike systems, it may not work on windows.

It is very easy to install lithium via git, first you need to open a terminal. Then type the following after first using cd command to move into the directory you wish to install lithium in. I use the location: /home/kylef/git/ to install lithium in.

$ git clone git://github.com/kylef/lithium.git
$ ln -s lithium/lithium <PYTHONPATH>

Using a package-management tool

This is one of the easiest ways to install Lithium. There are two different package-management tools which you could use:


pip is one of the more popular package-management systems for python. You can find documentation, and how to install pip itself here. Once you have pip installed and running, simply type:

$ pip install lithium


Another option is to use easy_install, first you need to install easy_install. You can find documentation and how to install easy_install here. Once you have easy_install up and running, just type:

$ easy_install lithium

Manually installing

To manually install lithium, you will first need to download lithium. Once you have a copy of lithium, open it and run:

$ python setup.py install

This will install lithium and will require administrative privileges on your computer as it is a system-wide install.